Types of beard trimmers

Types of beard trimmers

To celebrate this centenary, Wahl launched specially for the occasion a brand new cutting mower, bringing together all its know-how.

In addition to the superb design: All-metal shell resistant & a feeling of solidity in pure vintage style, it benefits from an all-metal adjustment lever to adjust the cutting length easily, a traditional blade set with high carbon blade quality, and a powerful wahl beard trimmer

wahl beard trimmer


  • The BALDING CLIPPER is a professional corded trimmer for a full head shave.
  • The WAHL trimmer cuts closest to the skin. For finishing ultra short shades and full shaving of the head on short hair.
  • Wear-resistant, long-life V5000 oscillating armature motor.
  • Effective and efficient.
  • Specially developed in the USA for full head shaving.

The BERETTO WAHL cutting mower

The WAHL BERETTO is a professional cordless hair clipper. It is ideal for quick cuts. Effective, powerful and light.

Noble design and elegant finish in brushed chrome. Removable cutting head in solid steel Made in Germany. Can be combined with Razor Blade and Texturizing Blade cutting heads


The WAHL CORDLESS SENIOR is ideal for professionals looking for a powerful and fast mower for gradients.

A lower part of the aluminum shell for more stability. A lithium ion battery with no memory effect, for 70 minutes of autonomy and charge in 120 minutes, and a particularly powerful motor are its major advantages.


The CORDLESS SUPER TAPER from WAHL is the Bestseller in flexible version with or without cord, ideal for beginners.

Its advantages: A lighter weight and a cordless design for a more comfortable use with the same power and quality of cut as the corded mowers of Wahl, coupled with a chrome head of high precision.

The WAHL LEGEND corded mower

As the name suggests it is The legendary cutting mower at. The WAHL LEGEND is ideal for gradations, quick cuts and head shaving.

Technically, it’s: a lever for adjusting the cutting length from 0.5 to 2.9 mm, an ultra-powerful V9000 motor, and a 4 m cable that gives you enough room to work.

The BERET WAHL Beard & Hair Trimmer

The BERET WAHL is a noble design and elegant finish in brushed chrome. It is ergonomic, and has a thin head ideal for tattoos, lines and finishes.

A Professional Clipper for Contours, Wired & Wireless, and an autonomy of 75 minutes for a charging time of 60 minutes.


The WAHL DETAILLER trimmer has a larger cutting head for faster finishing work and shaving short hair.

It is ideal for small hands. Its extra large 38 mm WAHL ®TBLADE precision cutting head allows precise contours and all finishing work.

The MAGIC CLIP CORDLESS mower is equipped with a WAHL 5 * Lithium Battery. It is ideal for the professional barber to soften contours and gradations.

Its advantages: Offset teeth that lead the hair more quickly towards the blade for clean gradations and a more natural cut. It is also lighter and cordless for more comfortable use, while retaining the high cutting quality of Wahl® corded mowers