Support individuals of low fiscal category. Additionally, it has great characteristics and facilities for the residents. The university town is a member of a professor by Peshawar called Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan. He’s got a very sharp mind and thoughts he planned this type of job. He’d confidence and thinks in his battle and understood the achievement of society. The city has amazing vies like Faisal hills with lush greenery about it.



This Society has plenty of amazing features that draw people. The booking procedure was started and individuals will also be happy having this opportunity to invest here. They’re impressed with its characteristics, quality development, and innovative facilities using an eye-catching perspective. You will find Jamia and district mosques with great configurations for individuals; it has quite innovative technology hospitals that have many rooms and the hottest beds with pure medications. University town is secure to live since it’s numerous CCTV cameras, a neighborhood gate, and tall Boundary walls using a one-way pass safety system. The streets are wide and superbly assembled in addition to the public transportation will also be supplied. There’s a industrial zone available and go to wash restaurants located inside to have delicious and fresh food. In shopping malls, you will find new brands of purchasing in every category. The society is blessed with numerous indoor sports halls together with the installation to the fitness center. The access to petrol, water and underground energy 24 hours would be the duty of the owner of this university town. In block B, A, and D that the development work was finished along with the possessions offered to the buyers after with a ideal living in these cubes people are currently in await the access to possessions in staying blocks. They would like to buy plots in such cubes also. The businessmen will also be interested to possess their plots in each block at a better property company and resell them at a excellent profit. They’re interested to have plenty of different sizes in each cube. They wish every kind of scheme for those investors of their enterprise.




It’s in the middle of green hills and lush green grass that preserves its attractiveness with more attention. It’s only 10 minutes away from zero issues and close to the new Islamabad airport. The entire area of the society is all about 4500 Kanals and also the older title of the property was Bajnial district Rawalpindi. This society is ensured from the Rawalpindi Development Authority.