Seo real estate: How to do seo for real estate and position your website in Google

Many of our clients including Ichs Town Islamabad see with concern, how their real estate website is increasingly dependent on Google. If the search engine does not index you correctly or you have a low rating, you simply do not exist. That is why it becomes so necessary to incorporate certain web positioning techniques for real estate agents into daily tasks that will help us gradually position ourselves among Google’s search results. While these seo techniques for real estate can be very sophisticated, for which you will need a specialized Seo real estate professional, there are certain routines that you can incorporate into your website and that will help you improve your Seo.

Real estate seo is one of those disciplines that deserves the title of “The great unknown.” As experts in real estate marketing, we know the importance of being on Google. But the normal user knows little about this subject. That is why today we will start at the beginning.

What is real estate SEO?

We could define it as the set of techniques for search engines to find a website. This in turn receives a search engine score. The better Seo real estate, the better positioned our website will appear in the search results or keywords for instance house for sale in Islamabad or house for sale in rawalpindi.

If you are thinking that everything goes to get those positions, let us warn you that not everything goes. In fact, there are certain techniques of dubious reputation called “Black Hat SEO”. It is a technique to skip the strict rules of search engines.

How to position a website of a real estate?

We could write a book about seo for real estate and its importance (not one, hundreds!). We will start with a very clear data: 73% of users do not pass the 1st page of results. Which brings us to another very simple question: you only have 10 positions that can be reached. If you are not of the top 10, you do not exist.

When the contents of your real estate website have a great reputation, spread the word and people share it. Every time they name your website, a trail is created, a Seo link.

Getting many links of this type is one of the primary objectives for any real estate seo strategy, but no link is worth, quality and quantity are key.

How to get quality links to position your website?

Our first recommendation is to create quality content, it is the best way for word of mouth to run like wildfire.

If you are not convinced, there is a fact: blogs that have more than 300 indexed pages (scanned by Google and rated as relevant), receive traffic increases of more than 326%.

And in addition, every time Google reviews its algorithm (the parameters that decide what position the results occupy), it gives more and more importance to quality content, so start up a real estate blog like Sky Marketing where you generate content on a regular basis, which resolves doubts of users, is the best way to get their attention.

Other things to keep in mind when creating real estate Seo links are:

  • That come from high quality real estate websites. As in the offline world, the recommendation of a prestigious professional is infinitely better than that of a nobody, the quality of Seo Links is measured by a parameter known as the Domain Authority.
  • In addition, the websites that link to yours should be of similar themes. If they come from cooking websites and dog shampoos, Google considers them unreliable and assumes that there is a cat locked up.
  • At the same time, these incoming links must come from different IPs and from different domains. For the same reason as in the case of the themes, if Google suspects that there is dirty play, it can penalize your real estate website, and all your work will be reduced to nothing.
  • Yes, Google values ​​this quality very much, because like men, it knows that things take a long time to build and if you get thousands of Seo Links overnight, it will sound like non-human.

How to do seo for real estate?

It is like the mystery of the Holy Trinity. No one knows for sure what are the parameters that Google uses to grant its thanks, however we know some details that favor web positioning for real estate.

Select keywords

Google, like the rest of the search engines, works with words. That is, if you are looking for “apartments for rent”, it will show you those websites that have these words in their contents. To ensure that your real estate website is found by the people you want to address, you must select the keywords for real estate that define your business and the audience you are targeting.
Some tricks to select keywords:

Try to make them long-tailed

If you only choose “property for sale in Islamabad ”, you will find many other websites to compete with. Search for word strings that narrow the search so that you have less competition such as “apartments for rent Alcobendas.”

Use tools like Google Adwords

Google has a tool for planning keywords that can help you find out which ones are best for your business. You can start with this guide to select keywords.


Following the same principle as with the long tail keywords, specify the services you offer so that you have less competition.

Links and anchor text

Google rewards those who strive to give more to their readers. That is why he likes that in the texts of your website there are external links. But no links without more. You must take these points into account when linking to other content:

  • Above all, try to make the wording and links natural. Nothing from “My house is green and that’s why you should click here”
  • Try that the links are always to content related to your theme and that they expand the information you are offering.
  • The anchor text is the visible part of a link, usually underlined and in blue. It must contain the keywords you have previously selected. Better if they go bold, that tells Google it’s important.

Backlinks or incoming links

Without a doubt it is one of the things that the search engine likes most. It is the Internet’s way of saying that the contents of your real estate website are interesting. That is why you must include collaboration with other websites and real estate blogs in your real estate marketing strategies.

At first you will not have many links, but if your content deserves it over time you will see how they arrive.

Content Creation

It is one of the safe assets. Although we do not know many of the factors that influence Web Positioning for real estate, we are sure that Google loves the contents.

We recommend that before launching you plan very well which is your ideal client, what are your consumption habits and the interests that move you. Remember that we are living an era of creation and dissemination of online content as never seen before and what is not interesting is lost.

Optimize your real estate website

There are still a few more things you can do to make your real estate website ready for search engines:

  • Try to include in your article url the keywords you are using.
  • Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is a markup language, where the content and structure goes. CSS, are style sheets, which gives color and shape to the structure of the web and JavaScript is a programming language for web that allows you to make events of all kinds, know if you have pressed a button that does something when you press, etc. .
  • Real estate web with responsive design. With the vast majority of users connecting from mobile phones, Google has begun to penalize those websites that are not smartphone friendly.