Right Food And Exercise Choices For Faster Weight Loss

The main indicator of obesity is overweight, however, the mass of adipose tissue will be a more correct indicator. Unfortunately, defining it is very difficult. Our efforts are aimed at combating excess weight, and this is wrong, because weight loss does not always correspond to the loss of adipose tissue. If a person lost five kilograms, does this mean that he got rid of five kilograms of excess fat? Not necessarily, as the weight consists of a mass of fat, muscles, skeleton, various fluids.

A person can eat a lot of food one day, and the next day there is an aversion to food, and on the second day a person does not eat anything. Weight loss in this case can be up to three kilograms, but there will be no fat loss at all. After all, the nutrients that a person consumed on the first day will be enough on the second day, so our body does not have to spend a reserve from the fat depot. Or, for example, a person on a hot day can lose up to ten kilograms – water will leave the body with sweat, and again there will be no loss of fat.

How can you reduce weight without cheating, only due to adipose tissue?

The essence of any diet is to create a negative energy balance so that the body spends its fat resources. Therefore, it all depends on the diet you have chosen. All unloading diets can be divided into three groups: the main diet, a reduced diet, a rigid diet.

The daily caloric content of the main diet corresponds to the human exchange of -1700-2200 kcal. Weight is lost slowly about fifty grams per day.

If you follow a reduced diet , then its daily calorie content is 1200-1500 kcal, and fat loss per day is about one hundred grams.

As for a rigid diet , its daily calorie content is 400-800 kcal, and fat loss can reach two hundred grams.

The value of the energy resource, naturally ranges from 500 kcal, subject to the main diet, up to 1800 kcal during a rigid diet.

The main diet is usually not too fond of, as fat reserves are slowly lost, a cruel diet is too difficult, therefore, a reduced diet is often chosen.

Separately, it should be said about starvation. Starvation is easier to tolerate than a brutal diet, and weight loss can be about one kilogram per day. However, does starvation contribute to fat loss? No, because the body spends quite a bit of energy per day, and the remaining weight loss is due to other soft tissues. The actual loss of fat per day during fasting will be about two hundred grams. Therefore, do not starve, the benefits of this are few.

During diets, weight loss usually goes one hundred percent due to fat, but there may be a situation where weight loss is faster than fat loss, then you should understand why. Another situation is possible, fat loss more than weight loss. This happens, for example, when an obese person tries to lose weight through physical activity. There is a decrease in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass.

Or it may be that fat is lost, and the mass is growing. 

For example, if a person after prolonged fasting sits on a reduced diet for a long time. In this case, the body spends fat for energy purposes, and in parallel there is a process of restoration of soft tissues.

In general, losing weight more than 1.4 kg per week is undesirable.Since with a quick loss of fat, the liver, skin, kidneys, lymph are overloaded with toxins, so it is better to lose weight slowly and drink plenty of water.

Here are the factors that affect fat weight gain:

– more calorie intake than necessary for the body;

– medications that change our body;

– slow metabolism;

– artificial sugar, artificial fats, genetically modified foods;

– chemicals – preservatives, artificial colors, pesticides.

Therefore, eat natural food, install water purification filters, then it will be easier for you to achieve rapid fat loss.

The basic rule when losing fat is the need to spend more calories than it enters the body with food. To do this, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of the diet and strengthen physical activity. It is necessary to exclude sugar from the diet, food should be of high quality.

Nutritionists suggest consuming a minimum amount of calories, based on weight and height, for three days. On the fourth day, add four hundred calories. This will speed up the metabolism, as well as additional fat loss. Of course, these extra calories should consist of healthy sources of protein, unsaturated fats, and low glycemic carbohydrates.

Protein is necessary for the body, it can be obtained from lean meat, egg whites, tuna. The best protein is found in whey, it is easily absorbed by the body.

The energy that the body expends to digest nutrients is called nutritional thermogenesis. Thermogenesis for fats is two percent, for carbohydrates – five percent, for proteins – twenty-five percent.

For example, the body’s energy expenditures for protein assimilation in 100 g of tuna will be 25%, for the assimilation of 25 g of carbohydrates in 227 g of apple it will be 5 kcal, and the cost of digesting 11 g of fat in 11 g of olive oil is 2 kcal.

As you can see, protein intake increases the body’s cost of digesting more than other substances, so it is so important to include proteins in your daily diet.

As for carbohydrates, their main share in the diet should be complex, with a low glycemic index.After all, carbohydrates with a high index provoke fat deposition, and with low – provide a long supply of energy.

Eat fructose-rich foods in the morning.

 Although fructose is a simple sugar found in fruits, it has a weak tendency to stimulate insulin secretion. Therefore, fructose is considered a useful sugar, because it does not contribute to the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. However, fructose still helps to build up fat. It accumulates only in the liver, therefore, if glycogen is already enough in the liver, then the additional consumption of glucose will turn into fat.

During sleep, liver glycogen is used to provide nutrition to our brain, as well as to satisfy the need for energy. And when you wake up in the morning, the glycogen stores are almost empty, so use fructose for health, it will fill the “stores” of glycogen in the liver, but will not form new fat.

It is very important to have breakfast, because if you skip the morning meal, the body will feel the danger and will do everything possible to save us life, namely it will hold on to the accumulated fat, and not spend it.

The process of digestion and assimilation of food requires a certain amount of energy from the body. An increase in the frequency of food intake will speed up the metabolism, since the body will have to increase energy expenditures, the frequency of food consumption is perceived by the body as an abundance of food and energy.

If a person often goes hungry, the body begins to store energy, putting it into fat. Therefore, it is necessary to eat often and a little, so you will increase the metabolism in the body.


Physical activity is also required. Any person spends about 1500-2000 calories, and in order to lose weight, you need to spend more calories than to eat. Eating less than 1,500 calories is unhealthy, so exercise will help burn more.

The intensity of exercise is determined by the weight used, the number of repetitions, the rest period between sets. The high intensity of strength training leads to the fact that the amount of fat in the body decreases. This happens because the high intensity of training increases the level of certain hormones that are directed to receptors located in fat cells and responsible for fat loss. And the intensity of the training promotes the production of large amounts of lactic acid, and it in turn increases the secretion of growth hormone, which is one of the most powerful agents for fat loss.


If you do not have enough time even for exercises, take at least fifteen-minute walks in the morning and in the evening. You can do this five times a week and after a month the results will be visible if the walks are regular.

One more tip: instead of watching TV, read a book. This will speed up the metabolism. Studies at the University of Memphis showed that girls who watched the TV program burned fewer calories than those who read the book.


So, we found out, in order to speed up the burning of fat during the process of losing weight, we often need to eat the right foods a bit, exercise, and also believe in success.