Real Estate Advisor: “How to Sell with Commercial Personality”

When a real estate advisor tries to succeed there will be times when he will make mistakes, some of them serious, but not fail. Part of achieving success in this sector is to suffer several disappointments along the way, get up, try again and prepare better to get up faster next time.

Eventually the real estate consultant will get the win when he prepares for the failure. I have seen it many times and I have experienced it myself.

How should you prepare as a real estate advisor so that every obstacle in your path, (difficulty in getting clients, not closing sales, labor problems …), affects you less and less and helps you make the best decision next time? Part of the answer to this question is learning to sell with personality.

All techniques, strategies and sales processes, to be effective , to work, must adapt to the personality of the real estate consultant and not vice versa, as taught in some training courses. Selling with personality means adapting these techniques and strategies to your own way of being. A real estate advisor cannot sell with the same style as another; a mistake that is made a lot in this sector. Copying the sales style of the best real estate agents is not the best way to learn. Let’s explain why.

Real Estate Advisor for Islamabad property: Adapt the Techniques to your Own Personality.

The real estate sale has 50% of science ; (processes, techniques, strategies, psychology, administration …) and 50% of art ; that of adapting science to your way of thinking, of understanding the world; to your way of being. And to get it you have to know yourself and know what your “sales style” is.

I have met excellent sellers who are shy and reserved. To great real estate advisors who are too analytical. And I’ve also met extraordinary advisors who take each sale as a birthday party.

All of them have reached the top in the real estate sector, (they are among the 10% of the highest paid agents in this sector), because they know “what is their sales style” and have adapted the science, to their personality.

They have learned how a property is sold, they have learned how a person or company buys a property; but they have also learned how they feel more comfortable selling. Or rather; “Helping to buy.” They know if their personality is auditory, visual or kinesthetic. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses as sellers and as buyers.

They know what type of personality DISC they have and have learned to adapt this knowledge of recruitment and sale to their own personality. That’s why they know how to sell better than their colleagues. They know their commercial style and they know that each of us sell as we like to buy. And we bought as we would like them to sell us.

What do most real estate consultants do? What is taught in most real estate training academies? Techniques, processes, strategies, procedures, sales and marketing tricks. Point. This is not enough. It is necessary to know well what is the own style of sale and purchase that each one has. It is necessary to know what our commercial personality is.

Let’s not confuse personality with work habits. Let’s not confuse “doing” with “being.” This confusion is what leads some real estate agencies to create labor conflicts themselvesYou cannot impose sales techniques, procedures and poor rules to a commercial team with different personalities.

Having a team of real estate consultants where there are, for example, many more men than women or vice versa is a recipe for disaster. Having a commercial team where everyone is visual, auditory or kinesthetic, (which happens sometimes) , is a sure recipe for failure.

The best commercial teams are formed with men and women, (if possible 50%), of different ages and personalities. To achieve this, nothing better than preparing a human resources strategy where knowing how to capture the best staff is essential.

The Successful Real Estate Advisor Tends to Work Independently:

For this reason, due to the lack of an adequate human resources or contracting plan, the successful real estate consultant , capable of closing several sales per month, prefers to work independently to avoid, above all, the misunderstanding of others about their style of sale. They avoid being forced to conform to certain norms that the company applies to the group without taking into account the individual.

This kind of real estate consultant has learned to get up after a failure and has realized that part of his failure has been influenced by the wrong practices in the way of selling real estate. He has not wanted to learn what everyone learns. He has observed that the sale is not a matter of technique only.

The real estate advisor that triumphs, the one that earns high commissions monthly already come to understand, to really understand, the difference between “selling” and “helping to buy”. And they show it every day selling with their commercial personality.

Many people are attracted to work in real estate and the truth is that ads are constantly looking for real estate commercials. However, (and this I can verify by the number of people who contact me wanting to enter this sector independently), people with greater commercial potential do not end up working in a real estate agency. Why? Because they do not wish to have their personality canceled or restrained. This is checked during the interview or during training or during the first 2 months of working at the agency.

An agency can impose a sales process and must do so, it must train its commercials, but it must analyze the personality of each commercial and be flexible to apply its personality to the company’s policy. The professionalism of the manager or director is in knowing what is the dividing line between what can be allowed and what is not for each commercial separately. Treating everyone equally is not only unfair, it is not knowing how to manage a sales team.

The Real Estate Advisor that Adapts the Techniques to his Personality:

What techniques and processes does the successful real estate advisor adapt to your personality? Let’s see some of them.

1.- Be organized. Within a few parameters each one is organized according to its own personality. Using time effectively depends a lotnot only on personality, but on the social life it takes. The organization of time is different for a married woman with 1 child than for a single man.

2.- Know the property that is sold well . Within a few parameters everyone appreciates what they sell, (perceives their value and price), with their own personality. There are properties such as Blue World City in Islamabad that are better sold by another commercial with a personality more similar to the property.

3.- Have Enthusiasm . Each of us sees life positively andmotivate ourselvesdifferently depending on our personality. The “motivation” courses for a commercial team are of little use. What works is to motivate from person to person. Here the professionalism of the commercial manager is demonstrated.

4.- Understand body language.  Body language is linked to the personality of the individual. What is needed is to educate each agent to use their body language well according to your personality, so that it conveys credibility, honesty and empathy.

5.- Know how to communicate your ideas well. Every commercial agent will show a property, argue and negotiate with their own style, no matter how much they tell you how to do it in the training courses that are aimed at everyone equally. From my own experience, I know that a real estate agent is more productive in what should be avoided, than in what needs to be done in sales situations on the phone and in person.

And I could continue listing other skills and process, but my objective in this article is only to indicate that the commercial personality is not valued enough, because it is more difficult and takes longer to train a real estate agent based on his personality than to train everything a group with only, advice and process that are mostly inflexible, type: ” here, in this agency we do things like that”.