Our Customer Profiles

Our Customer Profiles

What you want is to get your property rid of these pests, ants, insects, etc. CDA Pest control Services is the company to go to. We here KAPTAR uses some of the most advanced and most high-tech methods for the eradication of pests. These methods not only help you to save your property value as soon as possible but also helps you save money as well i.e. with these methods the pesticides will be used less i.e. as less as 3 liters per hectare. So, by this we can not only save the crops but also the money as well, This CDA technique uses a rotary motor which helps pesticides to be sprayed uniquely without letting to convert into vapors.

We were efficient workers from the start, we believe in the word called teamwork and by that we accomplish many things. We always try to accomplish everything by teamwork. Our team is professionally trained and they know what measures are to be considered while working to keep the family of the client, his loved ones, and also his pets out of harm’s way.

We serve hundreds of customers i.e. both residential and in professional sectors. We do this all by keeping the mother-nature in mind i.e. lookout for the environment. We are known to provide the highest level of examination and then eradicate the pests.

Here are some of the categories of people we serve:

Residential Customers

  • Home Owners
  • One-time Service Customers
  • Management
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Some Small Business Owners

Commercial Customers

  • Multi-Unit Property Owners
  • Apartment Property
  • Retail Business Owners
  • Real Estate Brokerages
  • Hotel or Office Management

Contact us today and avail the best services in the area. We are available 7 days a week from 8 AM – 8 PM.

Why We are better than others:

  • Guaranteed Pest Control:

We offer a 30 days guarantee when we come to service the 1st time. If you want us to do a rotatory treatment plan then we can give you a 90 days warranty. This will not only save your property from pests but also insects and unwanted wasps etc. Simply we say that we when come to do our job then its highly possible that the pests would return but if they do then so do, we and we’ll not going to cost you a dime for this.

  • Service Leader:

We at the best service that you’ll get in your area. We not only eliminate the pests but make sure they do not return soon. Our team is highly professional and trained at what they do. And most of all we work as a team which makes everything easy for us.

  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control:

We are the best in the field, we try to choose the best quality products designed to have no effects on either the health of human beings, loved ones, and their pets and most importantly their homes. We are not like the other companies, we know that they charge a premium for what they do but unlike them we always choose the best and charge you optimal, our hundreds of valued clients out their can verify this for us.