Knives made for everyday cooks, aspiring chefs, professional cooks

Damascus knives are used for a large number of purposes. When we talk about choosing the right and correct knives, then we normally keep in mind this factor what level and scale of kitchen job we want to perform! Your knife selection is also based on the factor of what meal you want to cook and prepare.

Knives for Everyday Cooking Job

  • If one has to perform the job which is related to everyday cooking, then knives selection should be made by keeping in mind the versatility key element. Everyday cooking includes simple meals, bigger as well as more complex meals. Every single day, you can say that these cooks play with different knives. For this everyday cooking job, you do not require a full and complete set of professional kitchen knives. Same way, selection of handmade blades should be done carefully when choosing any knife type.
  • The recommended knives which you can use in your kitchen for everyday cooking tasks, they are a chef’s knife, paring, and utility knife, carving knife.

Knives used by a Pastry Chef

  • Talking about the pastry chef, do you know that which are those basic knives that are commonly used these experts, we will tell you! These pastry chef experts specialize in the areas of making pastries, bread and muffins, cakes. It is their job to make sophisticated baked goods like that of mille-feuille, plated desserts.
  • To make such delicious desserts, these pastry chef professionals are always in need of a versatile collection of knives. Lots of ingredients are using in the baking process, so to approach that extensive range of ingredients, perfect and appropriate knives have to be used. In baking, finished products have to be sliced and cut up and for that reason, suitable knife set has to be there on your table.
  • Knives which are utilized by pastry chef professionals, they are chef’s knife, bread knife, cake knife, and too paring knife.

Knives utilized by an Aspiring Chef

  • On the other hand, if you are an aspiring chef, then obviously first you need to work on your knife skills. Aspiring chefs enjoy and love being in the kitchen. They love and extremely enjoy cooking. In the same way, they love using and practicing different knife cutting skills.
  • It is true that an aspiring chef may not possess all the skills and relevant experience which is present in a professional, but these aspiring chef professionals are still extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate when it comes to handling different knives. Such chefs use a paring knife, bread and utility knife, chef’s and carving knife most of the time.

Knives commonly used by a Professional Chef

  • A professional chef usually works in a restaurant or in any of the food establishment.  They possess high-level skills and extreme knowledge regarding using different knives.
  • These professional chef experts use a wide variety and range of kitchen knives and this include chef’s knife, utility and paring knife, carving and boning knife, cleaver and slicing knife

More knives details in terms of different styles, sizes and lengths and brands are coming up.