How to have a fireplace at home? All about a safe installation


Fireplaces are the ideal ally to keep our homes in propertynews warm and relax with friends and family. However, not having the proper installation and caution can cause a tragedy. Below, we share some basic recommendations to avoid putting your safety and that of your loved ones at risk.

What to consider when making a fireplace

Building your fireplace correctly is the first step in avoiding a fire or other mishaps. There are certain measures that must be respected in its construction. The height it should have will depend on the height of the cusp and the inclination of the roof. Also, there should be a distance of one and three meters between the chimney and the obstacles that may be in the ceiling such as water tanks, gas tanks or windows, depending on their dimensions.

In addition, for the smoke to exit correctly it is important that the exhaust duct is completely vertical and that the chimney has enough height and space with respect to the buildings or trees around the house that may negatively affect the oxygen flow. .

For the design and installation, it is recommended that you go to a professional who has knowledge of how to make a fireplace that meets the necessary specifications for your safety.

Safety measures when turning it on

Before lighting the fireplace, make sure everything is in good condition to be used. To do this, hire a professional to periodically check that the ducts are free of soot and clean them if necessary.

Clear the area around the fireplace by removing flammable objects, we recommend that objects such as curtains, rugs or cushions are at least a meter away from the fireplace, thus avoiding a small ember that causes a fire.

When the fireplace is ready to light, avoid saturating it with wood as it could cause excess fire and smoke. The best practice is to place a moderate amount and add only if the fire begins to decrease. In addition, check that the firewood is dry and with wood in good condition for a longer flame that causes less smoke.

Do not use fuel to start the flame, because in addition to increasing the level of smoke that can poison you, it can cause larger flames. Instead, turn to options like paper or ignition pads.


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Safety measures when on

Fireplace safety measures do not vary much from those around any other fire, especially if there are children. Avoid running or making sudden movements around the fireplace, and never throw any type of flammable object into it.

Never leave the fireplace on without supervision, if you are going to leave the house or go to sleep you must confirm that the fire is completely extinguished.

How to properly turn it off

It is best to wait for the firewood to be consumed, but if you must leave before this happens you can use a poker to spread the firewood and the coals, this way the fire will consume more quickly. You can also use baking soda to help put out the fire. Once there is no fire, lean on the same ashes to throw them on the remains of firewood or charcoal.

In both cases, watch the fireplace a couple of minutes later to make sure the fire doesn’t return.

We recommend having a fire extinguisher in a visible place and within easy reach. If you have questions about how to use it, here are the steps to follow to buy in blue world city