Does The Quality Of The Speaker Wire Matter

Does The Quality Of The Speaker Wire Matter

Trying to search into what would be the right answer when it comes to the question of “Does the quality of the speaker wire matter?” well the answer really depends on what your personal preference is (whether you can hear the difference between both).

All that can be found today online the polls are split 50/50 who agree that it does matter and those who say it isn’t a big concern with no differences. Everyone hears different things, depending on the pitch and some other minor sounds that may be picked up by some ears.

In my opinion it does matter and going through blind tests to prove it show the facts that it really does matter- you may see people stating that “there is no need to waste your money on speaker wires”, but to me it really depends on how big a difference is the quality of hearing. Know more about how to Buy High Quality Speaker Cable online in Dubai, Sharja.


What’s makes the difference?

 The one main reason that makes the differences obvious is the impedance, this is because the impedance on the wire is fixed whereas the one that is in the speaker can vary depending on the frequency it is set on.

What exactly is the impedance? Well the impedance is somewhat thought as the difficulty of the electrical signals that passes through the wire (measured in Ohms).

Once the wire has over 5% of low impedance coming from the speaker, this will result in a response which can be heard.

There will always be an interaction between a cable and particular speaker,the speaker’s impedance and the wire’s impedance would result in a frequency response with a constant dip in the response happening in different locations, when you think about it every individual speaker is designed differently, you can expect them all to be exactly the same way and have the same results constantly.

There have been many discussions and theories about whether it would be better having a thin wire (single conductor- twisted pair wire) over a thick wire (multi-stranded wire).

With the use of good quality (high-end) mini monitor speaker with many fancy features a blind test was put to the task to find out which is better, the speaker used was well controlled and had a good volume equalizer – this test resulted in seeing extra resistance in the thin wire changed the outcome of the speaker through its balance, bass increased and treble decreased (it showed a positive feedback) – whereas the thick multi-strand wire to make it equal to the result of the thin, had a resistor set at the correct value.



If I were setting a home studio or anything remotely similar, I would definitely put my money where it would be worth the investment – you’ll be able to here a big improvement in the system and the sound it will be emitting.

Though reading this article it may or may not have changed people minds, but that all in all is there decision and see the positive in lower quality wires.