Different Types Of Solar Screens

There are many ways are available to protect their homes from the sunlight. Most of the people will use the solar screen for their protection purpose. The solar screen is a special window screen that will reduce the sun and heat as well as control the heat. With the help of that, you can protect your house’s interior space.  It is an essential element during the summer days because the UV rays penetrate inside your house. Solar screens are blocked the UV rays. A single man cannot install and manufacture solar light. So you hire the best company to buy solar lights. Texas Solar Screens is the best company that provides quality solar screens to its customers. So you can get the service from this company.

Types Of Solar Screens

The fabric and synthetic materials are used to design the solar screens.  It comes under various colors such as black, brown and dark brown. You should choose the best color according to top your window designs plus style. The different types of window screens have different types of light filter quality. The different types are given below,

  • Insulating Solar Film

These types of solar screens contain great insulating properties.  The interior of the windows will give conventional solar control functions as well as greatly improved properties.  It will block the unwanted UV lights.  It will allow some percent of light inside your home.


  • Semi-transparent

Roll up window shared are made up of reflective solar control film. It provides the most benefits of solar control.  It is consisting of a solar control film that is directly applied to the glass but it provides more flexibility.


  • Louvered Metal Screens

These types of solar screens contain an array of tiny louvers that are formed from a thin aluminum sheet. It is mounted away from your house to provide free air circulation around the window. It also has insulating properties. Most of people like to buy these types of solar screens.


  • Operable External Blinds

It is mounted on the building’s exterior. This type of solar should be controlled manually by sun and wind sensors it also provides the other benefits to you such as summer sun control, control of natural light and reduction of winter heat loss.


  • Automatic retractable shades

These types of solar shades are available from specialty suppliers. It can be scalding during the summer days as well as winter.  It is act as insulators.

Texas Solar Screens

Texas Solar Screens is one of the best companies.  It provides quality shades to its users. With the help of this service, you can get the perfect solar screens at a reasonable rate. It is more beneficial; for its users. It contains many advantages. Such as,

  • It is economical
  • Solar screens provide UV protection
  • It gives lots of insulation against outdoor temperatures
  • With the help of that, you can reduce the energy cost
  • It reduces glare as well as heat
  • It can be easily adjusted to your preference and easily removed during the winter season.