How to activate Instagram Shopping step by step [Examples]


How to activate Instagram Shopping step by step [Examples]


Users spend more and more time on Instagram. For this reason, it is very important that you get the most out of this social network.

Instagram aims to help brands maximize sales from the platform itself.

How? Through Instagram Shopping. Where you can create an authentic virtual showcase on your Instagram profile.

In this article I explain what Instagram Shopping is, how you can configure it and tips to sell more on this social network.

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What is Instagram shopping

Instagram shopping allows you to turn your Instagram account into an online store.

In this way, you can tag your products by adding the price and information in the Instagram posts.

Also, it is a very good alternative for those businesses that have less than 10k and do not have the link to refer them to your online store.

Regardless, if you want to sell on Instagram, I recommend defining a social media strategy.

In this article I explain how to create a social media plan step by step , something essential if you want to achieve results.

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How Instagram Shopping for Business works

This Instagram option is very easy to use. When a profile has Instagram shopping activated, the following will appear:

In the publications with the tagged products you will see the icon of a “bag”.

Look at the following image.

how instagram shopping works

If you click on any of the posts with the bag, Instagram shows you the price of the product and the name.

What is Instagram Shopping for?

In addition, if we click on ” See products ” we can see a series of images to learn more about that particular product.

You also have the possibility to continue seeing the product on the website and it even shows you other products in the store.

how to create a store on instagram

This looks like an e-commerce, doesn’t it?

The second way that your products appear is in a section of the account.

A profile is made up of several sections depending on the content it has: Feed posts, IGTV videos, Instagram shopping, and story filters.

tag products on instagram

In this section, you can see your wish list and recently viewed products .

In addition, the entire catalog that has that account will appear.

Look at the following image:

product catalog on instagram

How to activate and configure Instagram Shopping

Brands that want to use this functionality must meet the following requirements :

  • The company must belong to one of the markets supported by Facebook.
  • You must sell physical products that comply with the merchant agreement and trade policies.
  • Have a business account.
  • Link this business account with a Facebook page.
  • You need to have a product catalog in your Business Manager.

Surely you are asking yourself the following question:

How do I create a product catalog?

There are several options. But the first thing you have to do is go to the ad manager and select catalog .

how to configure instagram shopping

In the next section you will have to choose which category your company belongs to .

Instagram offers you the following: E-commerce, Travel, Real Estate and Automobiles.

how to create a product catalog on instagram

Now is the time to decide how you are going to add your products to the catalog. You have two options:

  • Upload products using a data source .
  • Connect it with an e-commerce platform . You can connect Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and OpenCart.

Now the only thing left to do is choose who the catalog belongs to and assign it an identifying name.

how to create a store on instagram

Tips for selling on Instagram Shopping

On Instagram it is not enough to have a presence and publish photos of your products, in this social network you have to have a lot of perseverance and a strategy to follow.

For this reason, before starting to sell on Instagram, I always recommend creating a Social Media Plan.

This is a report in which we collect the analysis and strategies that we are going to carry out over a period of time.

1. Interact.

Create a routine to interact with your followers.

Respond to comments, create debates through calls to action in your post, use the stickers of the stories, comment on other accounts, etc.

2. Choose the audience you are going to address very well.

This way you will know perfectly what he thinks and what he needs.

3. Use promotional strategies.

There are several strategies that you can implement on your Instagram account.

Some of them can be: Influencer Marketing, Instagram Ads, contests or collaborations with other brands.

4. Create valuable content.

With the content you will be able to retain your followers.

You need to create content that inspires, teaches and entertains your followers.

This is why it is so important to develop a content calendar .

5. Take care of the image of your feed.

Try to take advantage of the highlighted stories, use them as the showcase of your business. The feed must be orderly and visually coherent.

6. Measure the effectiveness of the strategy through Instagram’s own statistics or external tools such as Metricool or Socialgest.

Examples of companies that use Instagram Shopping in Spain

There are a lot of companies that use Instagram Shopping. But I have compiled a list of examples of brands that carry out a good strategy.

Desigual has a very good strategy on Instagram.

It has a very different color palette and its brand hashtags are very well positioned.

In addition, we all remember a lot of provocative marketing campaigns that characterize the brand so much on social networks.

Papiroga has a great brand strategy. It has loyal customers who become brand ambassadors.

The founders have become friends, and they no longer sell. They add value.

Papiroga gives credibility by sharing all the publications of his followers in stories.

The feed of this brand represents a great example of marketing, its instagram shopping is taken care of to the millimeter.
Lucia Be

This brand is a clear example of having its audience very well studied. All its content tries to connect with its followers, most of them are women.

In addition, before releasing a new product, it shows that he plans the entire launch to the millimeter.

Charuca interacts with his followers. She asks them about their preferences in colors, patterns or directly about their needs.

It is another example of an account that takes care of photography in detail. But the most important thing is the brand strategy you have.

You don’t buy a charuca agenda for the product. You buy the philosophy of life around that product.
Freshly Cosmetics

This brand offers a lot of valuable content to its followers. How to combine your products, how to apply them or complete facial cleansing routines.

They have based their strategy on working with various influencers. They test their products and share their experience with them.

It has reached a point where this strategy loses credibility due to the large number of collaborations they have made.

Finally, they have connected with their followers through a philosophy of healthy and respectful life with the environment.

For this reason, they promote content based on sustainability and natural cosmetics.


As you can see, Instagram Shopping is an essential tool if you want to sell through this social network.

In addition, the platform is taking more and more steps towards e-commerce.

Taking advantage of these functionalities is something that depends on you